Entertainment Cruise Productions wishes you a healthy, safe and fun Fourth of July.
Entertainment Cruise Productions
Our Take: July 4th — A Great Holiday
My two favorite days of the year are the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and July 4th. They are the most carefree holidays of the year. No gifts. No pressure. Just sit back and enjoy some food and fun with family and friends.
July 4th is pure summer. You know that you are going to be outside, either at a pool, park, golf course, tennis court or the beach. You know that you are going to eat BBQ, fried chicken, coleslaw, potato salad and cold drinks that you fish out of a metal tub overflowing with ice. You know that you are going to go somewhere to watch fireworks and you know that ice cream of some kind will be enjoyed. That is the beauty of July 4th. No surprises. It is the same beautiful thing every year. 
In most instances, a same old, same old mentality bothers me. I have been known to reconstruct aspects of the cruises just for the sake of having a different look or feel. But, somehow, knowing that on July 4th I will be at the BBQ pit cooking ribs, chicken, burgers and brats just feels good. It is a special connection with my youth that makes me smile. And, like most holidays, it is a time to remember and to reflect. 
Not necessarily about our country or fighting the British. Candidly, how many of us really relate to that? I have never fired a musket, dumped tea in a bay or spent a long cold winter in Valley Forge. Clearly, without that happening, our country may not exist today, but I am not sure what benefit is gained by reliving our fight to avoid paying taxes to a King and a country across the ocean. Yes, there is a romantic side to the story. The "all men are created equal” declaration is particularly compelling. It would be more so if we actually meant it, lived by it and believed that when it says "men" that this includes "women" as well.
July 4th is also a time to simply reflect upon one's life. For many, business wanes during this time and vacations abound, so the pressure from work is usually low. Unless, of course, you are selling fireworks, in which case you have 14 days or so to make or break it. But, for the most of us, it is a slow time, a time when there is a lot of daylight and a lot of things to do in the evening. The time for hustle and bustle will come soon enough, so take this day, or in the case of the 2019 calendar, the four days, and enjoy yourself.

Of course, there will be ample time for music. I am not sure that jazz is the ticket for July 4th, though I would argue that the fife, drum and flag grouping was the first "trio" in America. Since there are no recordings available from those days, it is entirely possible that the roots of jazz were being played in some form or another. Certainly, it was not disco music, though their attire would be fitting for some of the campier clubs.
Have a healthy, safe and fun July 4th.

Our Take is written by Michael Lazaroff, Executive Director – Jazz of Entertainment Cruise Productions. Feel free to express your views or pose questions to him at michael@ecpcruises.com.
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Sunset Jazz at Newport Series Opens July 10
Our friends at the Sunset Jazz at Newport summer series offer a great opportunity for jazz lovers in Southern California to experience a taste of The Jazz Cruise. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the series opens on July 10 with The Jazz Cruise All-Stars — featuring Ken Peplowski, Shelly Berg, Joe LaBarbera, Rickey Woodard, Grant Geissman & Mike Gurrola

The series of 11 Wednesday night concerts continues in the Rose Garden and the Seaview Terrace of the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa, closing on September 18 with the Tom Kubis Big Band. Among the artists appearing during the series are The Jazz Cruise favorites John Pizzarelli (August 14), Byron Stripling (August 28), and the Emmet Cohen Trio plus James Morrison (September 4). A number of Sunset Jazz and Newport Beach Jazz Party patrons have found the thrill of sailing with these stars based on their "on land" experience in Newport Beach.
Monterey Jazz Festival's NGJO Tours the Northwest
Since 1971, the Next Generation Jazz Orchestra (NGJO), a cornerstone of Monterey Jazz Festival's education programs, has brought together some of the most accomplished high school jazz musicians in the nation to tour the United States and abroad. 

Often featuring the jazz stars of the future, the talent of the NGJO is remarkable. Past alumni of the NGJO include Joshua Redman, Ambrose Akinmusire, Benny Green and many other jazz heavyweights. 

As part of their 2019 Pacific Northwest summer tour, the NGJO will appear in British Columbia at the Victoria and Vancouver jazz festivals and will have a featured performance at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley in Seattle on July 1.