Blue Note Records, one of the producers of Blue Note at Sea, continues to reinvent itself with a vibrant roster of artists.
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Our Take: Blue Note Records Turns 80!
When Blue Note at Sea '19 sets sail, Blue Note Records, one of the producers of the cruise, will be celebrating its 80th year of operation. Founded in 1939 by Alfred Lion and Max Margulies, the life and times of Blue Note Records as a jazz record label mirrors the history of jazz during that expanse of time.

Born in Berlin, where his jazz education began, Lion found his way to New York City, where he started Blue Note Records. Margulies was a successful communist writer who was the "money" behind the project. There's an oxymoron in that description, to be sure. Their business operation included enticing up-and-coming musicians with alcohol and food after their regular gigs to record tunes for next to nothing.

This provided a start, but the engine was powered in the 1950s by the coming of bebop and hard bop, and Blue Note Records' ability to capture the most popular musicians in that genre — Thelonious Monk, Horace Silver, Miles Davis and Art Blakey. With this base line, Blue Note was able to attract the up-and-coming stars of the era as well, including Hank Mobley, Lee Morgan, Sonny Clark, Kenny Burrell, Donald Byrd, Lou Donaldson, Jimmy Smith and, most notably, John Coltrane. The commercial success of these titans of jazz afforded Blue Note Records the opportunity to go deeper into the new waves of jazz in the late '50s and early '60s.

In the late '60s, the commercial viability of jazz waned. Blue Note Records was acquired by Liberty Records and the label languished. The ownership of the label was transferred several times and wound up in the hands of EMI through its purchase of United Artists Records. Under the leadership of Bruce Lundvall and later Don Was (pictured above), the label was revived and today it boasts a stunning roster of jazz stars, many of whom (Marcus Miller, Robert Glasper, Terence Blanchard, Kandace Springs and Jose James, et al.) will be featured performers on Blue Note at Sea.  

We have not decided how big a party we'll have for this event on the cruise, but it will be memorable. All jazz fans should take their hats off to Blue Note Records.
Both Sailings of The Smooth Jazz Cruise '19
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The Smooth Jazz Cruise
The Smooth Jazz Cruise '19.1 and '19.2 are fully subscribed at this time. Nonetheless, with more than seven months between now and the first sailing, it is likely that several currently booked guests will be forced to cancel their reservation due to scheduling, illness or business. When that happens, we take the available cabin and offer it to the first person on the waitlist.

Our experience is that many of those who elect to join the waitlist for The Smooth Jazz Cruise will have the opportunity to sail.

Joining the waitlist is easy. Simply visit our waitlist page, complete the information requested and you will be added to the list. No purchase or deposit required. You will be notified when a cabin is available for the cruise.

The sooner you join the waitlist, the higher on the list you will be and the greater your chance of sailing on The Greatest Party at Sea!
A Smooth Tease: 2020 Lineup Announcement Coming Soon
We will soon be announcing the lineup, ports-of-call and booking information for The Smooth Jazz Cruise '20.1 and '20.2.

We will give you a heads up before the announcement but keep checking your email. You do not want to miss this presentation.
Summer Is Jazz Season in Vail
Vail Jazz
We’ve had a long and close relationship with Howard Stone and the Vail Jazz organization, which annually sends a large group of passionate jazz fans on The Jazz Cruise. That’s just one reason we want to tell you about the summer jazz series he curates in the renowned Colorado resort town.

The Vail Jazz at Vail Square weekly series starts on July 5 and runs through August 23. The series features several of our favorite artists, including Nicki Parrott, Veronica Swift with the Emmet Cohen Trio, and many others.

Over Labor Day Weekend, from August 30 through September 3, the famous Vail Jazz Party takes place at Vail Square and Vail Marriott, with more of our favorites, including John Clayton, Jeff Hamilton, Sean Jones, Niki Haris, Bill Cunliffe, Benny Green and Rene Marie.