A special offer from SiriusXM, our reasoning for not sending post-cruise surveys, and open booking for all 2019 cruises... 
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Our Take: To Survey or Not to Survey?
Having just completed three weeks of jazz cruise programs, happily, we are receiving many notes of thanks and congratulations along with list of improvements sought and errors made. Receiving feedback from our guests, good or bad, is important to us and we thank each of you who take the time to share your thoughts. Invariably, these notes include several calls for a Guest Survey. I cannot get my head around doing that and here is why... Surveys are for Strangers.

When I think of a survey, the image of a post purchase or post service survey comes to mind. One in which all questions lead to the ultimate issue of whether you would use that service or purchase those goods again and would you recommend them to friends and colleagues. In our case, we receive that feedback instantaneously. Either the guests rebook or add folks to their group or not. It is just that simple. What is of interest to us is how can we improve the guest experience and whether some of our new ideas were good or bad. With a smile on my face, I would suggest that learning this information does not require a written survey.

Every day of every cruise, many of us walk the ship, attend the events, sit at the Guest Relations Desk and are present in the theaters before the shows. In each of those cases, we are taking a survey in “real time”, listening to issues and assessing how things are going.  We know that seating is an issue. Creating a fair system that recognizes longevity and willingness to queue up is difficult. Enforcing rules such as not holding more than one seat and allowing others to take a seat once the show has begun are difficult to enforce and regulate. We know that we need to continue to look at this issue.

Breakfast in the Cosmopolitan Restaurant was an issue as well. Attendance for the cruise time breakfast hours (7:30 – 9:00 am) had been scarce in past years, so we decided to have brunch hours on At Sea days (10:00 – 11:30 am). While some viewed this as a wonderful change, others were disappointed that they could not have a served breakfast every day in the Cosmopolitan Restaurant. We are working through that now, but we know for sure that our communication of this change was totally inadequate. We apologize for that profusely.

We continue to work through the disparity between the benefits for AquaClass and Concierge Class Staterooms that Celebrity Cruises offers on their regular cruises with those that we offer. Remember, Celebrity Cruises uses those benefits to justify their pricing matrix, which is different from ours. We try to eliminate as many cabin class differences as possible.

Finally, and most regrettably, we failed to adequately recognize our military guests as we have done in past years. There is no justification or explanation to offer here, other than we blew it. It will never happen again.

Suggestions for talent, ports of call and events are always welcomed, and guests seem to have no hesitation in doing so. We love the input. As someone who hands out his e-mail address every Saturday morning to the over 80,000 people who receive The Weekender, it should be clear that I want your input and your ideas. As I said earlier, Surveys are for Strangers. Once you have sailed on our cruises, you are part of us and you should feel free to tell us what is on your mind at any time. That is why we are here and why we reach out every weekend with The Weekender

Our Take is written by Michael Lazaroff, Executive Director of Entertainment Cruise Productions. Feel free to express your views or pose questions to him at michael@ecpcruises.com.
Complimentary SiriusXM Trial
As you may know, SiriusXM is a major supporter of Blue Note at Sea, The Jazz Cruise and The Smooth Jazz Cruise. Many of the sets presented on Blue Note at Sea and The Smooth Jazz Cruise have been recorded and will be broadcasted on Real Jazz (Channel 67) and Watercolors (Channel 66), respectively in April, which is Jazz Appreciation Month. Trinity Colon, Vice President of Music Programming, has asked me to forward her “thank you” to all who currently subscribe to SiriusXM and to invite everyone to stream SiriusXM Free for 30 Days! No credit card required. Click here for more information and to begin your free trial. 

On a personal note, I have SiriusXM at my office, in my car and at my home.  For our fans of Blue Note at Sea and The Jazz Cruise, Shelly Berg, Dick Golden, Joey DeFrancesco and Marcus Miller each host shows on Real Jazz. Watercolors may just be the #1 way to hear the top tunes in smooth/contemporary jazz where Brian Culbertson, Boney James, and Kirk Whalum are frequent guests. Great music, fascinating personalities and interviews make both stations “can’t miss” opportunities for jazz fans.
Open Booking for 2019 Sailings
Open Booking is the rule for The Jazz Cruise ’19Blue Note at Sea ’19 and The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’19.1 & ’19.2. Anyone may reserve any stateroom that remains available. Pricing is individualized, based upon the number of times that you have sailed with us. We call this YOUR PRICE pricing. If you are a first time cruiser with us, you can find YOUR PRICE by going to the applicable website. If you are past cruiser, meaning you have sailed on any of our cruise programs, you can learn YOUR PRICE by either calling the office or sending us an e-mail. Just tell us the cruise and cabin category you desire and we will send you the information.
Brian Culbertson Colors of Love
If you missed Brian Culbertson's Valentine's Day launch on The Smooth Jazz Cruise 18.1, check this out! Brian's new CD "Colors of Love" was released on Valentine's Day 2018 and features 13 new tracks inspired by love. Brian wowed the fans on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’18.1 with amazing cuts from his new album. Check it out. It is awesome. 

To get a physical CD, you can go to Amazon.com or Brian Culbertson's website (autographed version too). Digital copies are available through iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Amazon Music.
Newport Beach Jazz Festival Returns June 1-3, 2018!
It’s hard to pass up a weekend of great music and beautiful SoCal weather, which is why you shouldn’t miss this year’s Newport Beach Jazz Festival on June 1-3, 2018, presented by Bank of the West! Enjoy three days of world-class jazz, R&B and soul music at its finest – outdoors at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach!

Multi-talented performer, Brian Culbertson, is just one of the many artists taking the stage this year! Sign up for the newsletters and receive all the latest news, updates and artist announcements -- http://bit.ly/OmegaFB_CCsignups.

Tickets are on sale now! Go to www.festivals.hyattconcerts.com for more info!