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Blue Note at Sea ’21 Is More Than 63% Subscribed! Reserve Your Stateroom Now!

You may complete a reservation for any available stateroom online at any time or by
calling our office during regular business hours (844.768.5157, Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CT).

New Guest Pricing
If this is your first cruise with Entertainment Cruise Productions, your price for Available Staterooms on Blue Note at Sea ’21 is listed below.
Past Guest Pricing
Past Guests qualify for lower prices. You can learn the price that applies to you by contacting the office by phone at 844.768.5157 or email.

NOTE: All Stateroom Prices are per person and based upon double occupancy (unless specifically stated otherwise). Your Stateroom Price includes all performances, interviews, parties and events presented on the cruise, as well as included meals and amenities.

Stateroom Prices do NOT include air travel, Pre-Cruise Hotel accommodations and Pass Through Charges.



If the Stateroom you desire is not currently available, you may elect to “Join The Waitlist”. When a Stateroom of that type becomes available, you will be notified by e-mail and by telephone. Many guests who desire a Stateroom type that is not available, proceed to reserve one of the Available Staterooms. If the desired Stateroom becomes available, then the Reservation is transferred to that Stateroom without penalty or charge. One aspect of Waitlist priority is whether or not the guest has a current reservation.