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Reservation Procedure for GUESTS SAILING on Blue Note at Sea '20:

You may rebook your current stateroom for Blue Note at Sea '21 right now! As long as you complete your reservation prior to January 26, 2020 (the second day of the 2020 cruise), you have the exclusive right to your current stateroom, special pricing and favorable payment terms. After that date, your stateroom will be returned to inventory and will be available to other guests.

You may complete your reservation online or you can call the office for assistance. In either case, doing so will provide you with your price and other terms.

Please note: To receive your special price and rebooking benefits, you will need your personal “Booking Token”
and “Promo Code” that was emailed to you on November 25, 2019. Please contact us if you did not receive the email.

Rebook Your Stateroom

Reservation Procedure for GUESTS NOT SAILING On Blue Note at Sea ’20:

You can establish your priority position when it is time to select your stateroom and lock-in your price prior to Open Booking by completing a Pre-Sale Reservation now. You may complete a Pre-Sale Reservation online or you can call the office for assistance. Thereafter, you will receive a notice indicating your price and payment terms for your reservation. Completing a Pre-Sale Reservation saves you time, angst, and, of course, money!

Open Booking for Blue Note at Sea '21 begins on February 10, 2020.

Make a Pre-Sale Reservation Now!