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All Aboard the Blue Note at Sea Jazz Cruise

Jon Newey experiences the unique musical possibilities of the Blue Note at Sea jazz cruise It’s early Monday morning on 29 January and the day has dawned surprisingly clear. Overnight the grey, moderately choppy seas of the Windward Passage twixt Cuba and Haiti has calmed considerably to welcome a hazy blue sky, threaded by whispers of high cloud and cushioned by flat, tranquil waters. Time then [Read More]

Cruisin’ in Pursuit of Great Jazz

Having previously experienced one lone cruise, and that one a 4-day wedding destination cruise, I had little context for the jazz cruise experience… at least not until the recently sailed Blue Note at Sea. The verdict: there’s a whole lot to love about a jazz cruise, and particularly this Blue Note at Sea experience! Sailing for only its second annual voyage, a multi-culti, international audience [Read More]

Blue Note at Sea a Showcase for Abundant Talent

For years, Entertainment Cruise Productions Executive Director Michael Lazaroff has been trying to strike the right balance for a “contemporary jazz” cruise—more swinging than ECP’s Smooth Jazz outing, but more edgy than the straight-ahead Jazz Cruise. After a flop in 2009 called the Playboy Jazz Cruise and some growing pains with the first Blue Note collaboration last year, Lazaroff hit his stride with Blue Note [Read More]